Best Texas Divorce and Family Attorneys

Texas Divorce LawyersIf you live in the state of Texas and your marriage is failing, do not hesitate to hire a Texas divorce attorney to represent your interests. It is important to understand that divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage under the rules of law for the state that you reside. Your Texas attorney is an expert in family law.

He will advise you of your rights regarding child custody, child visitation, and alimony (spousal support) etc. Distribution of property, and division of assets and debt is a crucial component of the divorce proceedings. Because of the anxiety associated with a divorce, it is important to hire an experienced divorce attorney that has a history of excellent service.

Only when you have the knowledge to make sound decisions for your future, can you feel secure in the decision to terminate your marriage. A sensitive attorney has the skills to get you through the process efficiently and quickly. In Texas the grounds for divorce include a no-fault divorce. When reconciliation is impossible, divorce may be granted in simple incompatibility issues. Grounds for fault-based divorce may include adultery or cruelty. Other grounds for a fault divorce include felony conviction of your spouse with a minimum prison term of one year. Other circumstances include abandonment for at least one year or living apart for three years as well a confinement to a mental hospital for at least three years.

In the event that your spouse contests the divorce, your lawyer will assist in mediation to promote settlement of differences that you and your spouse may have. This process has proven extremely effective in resolving disputes which can save a lot of money. In the event that it is necessary for you to go to court, the additional costs can be quite high. If possible, encourage your spouse to agree to reasonable terms. Your Texas Attorney will advise you as you go through the process.

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